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Pete Johnston
NMLS 284286 only works with local and trusted pros that know the area, not impersonal national firms, so the answers we provide are based on local experience. Pete and Paul Johnston are Twin Cities mortgage experts that help homeowners get needed answers to their mortgage questions. Contact us to sit down and meet face-to-face and discuss your reverse mortgage options.

Our values are much like the foundation of a house. They support the growth of our company while helping homebuyers and sellers achieve their personal goals.

Honesty: We will always conduct business in a moral and honest manner and will not tolerate dishonesty.

Integrity: We will uphold the integrity of the brand and those brand. 

Excellence: We will continually pursue the education and resources necessary to achieve excellence in everything we do.

Teamwork: We will work together with our partners and clients to achieve both personal and professional goals.

Innovation: We will strive to identify and develop new ways to connect homeowners, homebuyers and home sellers with honest answers from local mortgage and real estate professionals and provide methods to educate our staff, partners and clients.


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Learn how a reverse mortgage can use your own home to help you stay in your own home and give you the freedom and peace of mind for the retirement you deserve.

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