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Straight Answers About Reverse Mortgages.

Your home is your biggest asset. Use it to get the cash you need for your future.

Reverse mortgages were introduced in 1989 to help seniors age 62 and older gain access to a portion of their home equity without having to move from their home.

If you’re 62 or older and looking for cash for anything from living expenses to financing a home improvement – or even visiting the grandkids – a reverse mortgage may be the right choice for you. A reverse mortgage allows you to convert part of the equity in your home into cash without having to sell your home or pay additional monthly bills.

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In a regular mortgage, you make monthly payments to the lender. With a reverse mortgage, you get money from the lender, and generally don’t have to pay it back for as long as you live in your home. The loan is repaid when you die, sell your home, or when your home is no longer your primary residence.

The proceeds of a reverse mortgage generally are tax-free, and many reverse mortgages have no income restrictions. And, you can never owe more than the value of your home, regardless of how much you borrow and if the balance is less than the value of your home at the time of repayment, you or your heirs keep the difference.

Find out if a reverse mortgage is right for you.

Reverse mortgages are available to most homeowners that are 62 years of age or older with equity in their home. To find out if you qualify or to get your questions answered, please contact us for a no-obligation, no-pressure consultation. We're local mortgage professionals that provide straight and honest answers without the hard sell.

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Use Your Home to Stay at Home™ is a user-friendly guide to help older homeowners understand the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage.

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Learn how a reverse mortgage can use your own home to help you stay in your own home and give you the freedom and peace of mind for the retirement you deserve.

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